All About Bee Removal


There has been a rapid change in the practice of bee removal through the years. Just recently, a specific type found in Africa has began in a state in America. Some of the bee colonies has preferred the northern part of the country. Because of that, the state had a dramatic shift in the focus of bee removal due to the public’s safety. The change noticed by beekeepers was because of the behavioral difference of african bees and european honey bees. The african bees, also known as the “killer bees”, defended their nest so much which made them easily provoked. Even if they should not be called killers, they must be dealt with care and respect to avoid  ugly happenings.

If a colony of bees is nearby, even though they look calm there may still be danger within reach. According to research, the queen bee can live up between six months and one year. Whenever the new queen that replaces the old one is born, she goes out of the hive temporarily and mate with other drones in nearby colonies. And if ever she mates with an african bee, her colony which was calm six months ago will also be africanized quickly. Africanized bees has been living in southwestern states for many years. Half of african bee attacks were found to be due to victims not doing anything when they see an african bee colony. If only the bee hives were removed once they were found, attacks may have been avoided. In the previous years, getting rid of a bee colony, or bee removal was prohibited because the species were endangered. Learn more about bees at

It is a fact that we humans depend so much on them to pollinate our flowers and food crops. Alternatively, we suggested  for the beekeepers to keep the nests and make use of it on their managed hives. Due to the fact that bee diseases and african bees are increasing, the number of wild bees are also increasing. The number of beekeepers that are willing to take the risks are running low. You may find 100-200  african bee colonies per square mile where they have established. Once one wild bee nest i removed, there will be no great effect on the total population of bees. Always remember that state officials have NO plans of eliminating every wild nest or african bee.

But still, they recommend that bee nests near people be removed by a certified and professional bee control operator. There are five things a professional pest control operator must be able to do:  1)determine if the bees in your area is a swarm or a colony and tell you the difference 2)explain the procedure of removing to you before starting the process 3)suit up in a veil, sting suit and gloves while performing the removal 4)get rid of every dead bee and every comb associated with the colony or swarm 5)talk about bee-proofing.


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